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The Ohio Candidate Forum on Disability Issues

Informing and Empowering Ohio’s Voters with Disabilities.

2018 Candidate Forum on Disability Issues

The Ohio Candidate Forum on Disability Issues provided a format for the candidates for Ohio Governor and U.S. Senate to inform the disability community about their positions on disability-related issues/policy. Engagement with our elected officials about disability-related issues is important. It impacts policy matters affecting approximately two million Ohioans with disabilities, at least 13% of our state’s population. 

Moderator: Mr. Alan Johnson, (Retired) Columbus Dispatch Statehouse Reporter

Keynote: John D. Kemp, Esq., Life-long advocate and co-author of ADA.

Organizers: Ohio’s 12 Centers for Independent Living, The Ohio Statewide Independent Living Council, Ohio Association of Area Agencies on Aging, Disability Rights Ohio, League of Women Voters of Ohio, The University of Cincinnati Center for Excellence in Development Disabilities (UCCEDD), Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio (COHHIO).

Note: Forum organizers do not make any endorsements or show any preference toward any candidates or political party. The 2018 Candidate Forum on Disability Issues constitutes nonpartisan voter education allowed under state and federal law.


The Center for Disability Empowerment

510 E. North Broadway, 4th Floor, Columbus, Ohio 43214 • 614-575-8055

Feel the power of the disability vote

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