We’re here to help

If you’re a person with a disability who lives in Franklin or Delaware County Ohio, the Center for Disability Empowerment (CDE) can help you find resources to live, learn, worship, work and play alongside people who do not have disabilities.

Our community-based, non-residential center is under your direction and guided by your choices. We will help you create an Independent Living Plan (ILP) with the steps and resources you need to reach your goals, whether they’re big or small. Here are a few examples:

Defend your rights

By gaining access, speaking up, or working for broader change

Learn skills

Such as how write a letter, interview for a job, manage money, or apply for benefits

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Find services

Such as transportation options, healthy resources, or personal care assistance

Who We Are and What We Do

The Center for Disability Empowerment (CDE) is a community-based, non-residential center that is driven by the choice and direction of people with disabilities (consumers). CDE serves individuals of any age, with any disability, who are residents of Franklin, Delaware, Union and Licking, Ohio counties.

We help consumers develop highly personal Independent Living Plans, with self-set goals, priorities and timelines. CDE provides support and resources to enable consumers to meet their individual goals for living, learning, worshiping, and playing alongside people who do not have disabilities.

The majority of our staff members are people with disabilities; we share many of your dreams and struggles, because we have lived them ourselves.

History and Funding

CDE was incorporated and awarded 501(c) (3) status in 2012. We are funded through grants, donations and fees-for-services. All services are provided to consumers free of charge.

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