Independent Living

CDE’s Youth Transition Services serve all youth with disabilities. While EmpowerYouth is a peer group, our Youth Transition Coordinator can also work with youth one on one! Independent Living is our philosophy, and our Youth Coordinator works with you to create an Independent Living Plans that focuses on your goals.


EmpowerYOUth mission

Our EmpowerYOUth program is a space for youth with and without disabilities to learn, grow, advocate, and belong. The program that was revitalized in 2022, after the completion of YLF 2022. We held two reunions for the delegates of YLF, and from there began monthly meetings. The group expanded to include other youth in Columbus. We meet monthly to practice things like leadership skills, advocacy, and for building peer relationships. This group is inclusive! We welcome all young people, with or without disabilities. Go to the EmpowerYOUth tab to get on the email list and find out when our next meeting is!

Youth Leadership Forum

Youth Leadership Forum is a statewide event that began in California years ago. The program uses five modules to strengthen leadership, advocacy, and empowerment skills in the attendees (called delegates). The program is for juniors and seniors in high school with disabilities, and there are locations all over the state, including a virtual YLF! Check out the Youth Leadership Forum page to apply.